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                Lamination machine

                P 360 group/class (11.25 hours), a single pole piece put beats (Max) : 0.5 s/PCS.

                Device features:

                Automatic slices to secondary positioning, Z type laminated to the diaphragm winding (produced), diaphragm cut - a group of stick tape - short circuit test (customer optional) and automatic discharging

                Equipment efficiency:
                P 360 group/class (11.25 hours)
                A single pole piece put beats (Max) : 0.5 s/PCS.
                Marry a dynamic rate (min) : 95%;
                Rate: the good product quantity/input quantity 99.5% or higher;
                Failure rate: 1% or less downtime/production time
                Custom laminated layers: according to the demand
                Laminated size: customized according to customer's requirements (pole piece is compatible with a variety of models)

                The product precision
                Plate between the diaphragm and alignment accuracy + / - 0.2 mm or less deviation (center)
                The diaphragm transverse alignment accuracy + / - 0.2 mm or less
                Adjacent plate alignment accuracy + / - 0.3 mm or less
                The whole plate alignment accuracy + / - 0.5 mm or less